Full Service or Collaborative Architecture, HVAC, MEP, 

Design and Equipment For Any Size Grow

Our highly collaborative team brings decades of hands-on experience and a passion for precision that makes all the difference. We can work with your assigned project manager, architects, engineers, trades, and installers to ensure each and every detail is aligned with your timeline, budget, local requirements and preferred cultivation methodologies. Or we can provide you end to end services at the most competitive costs in the industry.

Through a trusted vendor network, our team of experts offers brand agnostic recommendations that meet your specific operational needs, at the lowest cost. Our clients also benefit from the added value of reliable service that is there when it matters most.

You know your end goal, we help pave the way

At Cultivation Warehouse, we utilize proven technologies and processes from big-ag and big-hort, and combine them with innovations pioneered specifically for the high-stakes demands and unique requirements of the regulated cannabis industry. We’ll save you time, and prevent the hold ups and headaches that can derail your plans and incur avoidable costs.


Dedicated to Client Success

The Cultivation Warehouse team encompasses decades of industry expertise and a shared passion for agritechnology and cannabis that drives the commercial industry forward. Each and every member of the organization approaches their role with the same goal: putting customer success first. The result? A superb client satisfaction track record and an unmatched network within the cannabis and agriculture industries.

Deep Roots in the Industry

It all started before the legalization of commercial cannabis. The principals of Cultivation Warehouse met while one was growing a successful hydroponic retail business which was eventually sold for US $26m. As one of the top retailers in America for over a decade, the company opened 30 locations across the US. Also cultivating several international clients in key markets, the business generated significant ecommerce revenue, developed a distribution arm and solidified overseas manufacturing partnerships. This set the stage to establish a new organization focused solely on serving commercial cannabis clients.

Over the following years, Cultivation Warehouse has built a powerhouse team of agritechnologists and project managers that serve a growing client base across the United States and internationally. Known for a highly collaborative approach backed by reliable service, the CW team is proud to have earned a solid track record from hundreds of successful projects.