Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which states has Cultivation Warehouse successfully completed projects in?

We have successfully completed projects in nearly every state that has legalized the commercial cultivation of cannabis. This gives us deep experience in markets that are more mature and ones that are just developing. Cultivation Warehouse has also partnered with clients on international projects including Jamaica, ? and ?

Q: What equipment solutions do you offer commercial cultivators?

We can work with you to identify any equipment solution needed for your facility—literally from the ground up. Because we work with a vast network of vendor partners, Cultivation Warehouse specializes in brand agnostic recommendations that are tailored to specific needs of commercial cannabis operators. And our long-standing partnerships with vendors means we can secure equipment solutions at manufacturer direct pricing. This includes all solutions related to Lighting, Water, Environmental & Climate, Benching & Racking, Freenhouses, Irrigation, Machinery, Consumables and Backup Generators. For more information, see our Equipment Solutions page. 

Q: Can CW recommend equipment as well as provide integration support?

Yes, the Cultivation Warehouse team is here to work closely with yours to determine the optimal solutions that meet your operational goals and preferred methods. That includes sourcing equipment solutions at market cost as well as any level of integration support that is needed. Working with the Cultivation Warehouse team on integration comes with the assurance of reliable service when you need it most.

Q: Which vendors are part of CW’s trusted network?

Cultivation Warehouse is proud to partner with every leading supplier in the commercial cannabis industry. We also pride ourselves on continual research of new products and solutions that innovate and optimize the cultivation process. Over our years in business, we have developed tight relationships with our vendors which is an added value to our clients. To learn more about our vendor network and how we work with them to offer market-direct pricing, please contact us.

Q: How does CW estimate a project?

Having completed hundreds of successful commercial projects, we have dialed in an estimating process that ensures our clients have a highly detailed estimate and timeline to work with. This involves reviewing site plans and meeting with your leadership team to understand operational goals, budget and facility specs.
To facilitate an estimate, contact us and be prepared to have the following information: CHECKLIST INFO HERE.

Q: Can the CW team make a site visit to evaluate my facility?

Yes, we find that an on-site visit is the most effective way for us to guide the estimating process. Contact us to learn more about our site visit process. 

Q: Do you offer client references?

We understand the desire to see a proven track record and we are happy to discuss our successes with prospective clients. Out of respect for our trusted relationships, Cultivation Warehouse does not list clients or specific projects. That said, we are confident that if you meet with our team, our experience will speak for itself.