Cultivation Warehouse, the current business moniker of principals Eric “Shed” Shedlarksi and Eric Paulin, has come out with a new look to reflect the next chapter in the company’s rapidly expanding business and client base.

The Cultivation Warehouse (CW) team has expanded to include additional design specialists and agritechnology experts who share a passion for helping their clients succeed. The deep roots and wide network of the founders has kept them at the forefront of every innovation in the industry for over 20 years. Just as the industry has evolved, so has Cultivation Warehouse.

This new era of CW comes with a clear focus on efficiency and innovation

Eric ShedlarskiAnd Eric Paulin

This new era of CW comes with a clear focus on efficiency and innovation, all by keeping client success at the center of everything. And it also comes with a refined look for Cultivation Warehouse that will take the company into the next stage of growth. 

Here on our Highlights section of the website, we will be sharing additional resources, case studies and other information about how we’re helping commercial cannabis operators optimize their facilities. We hope to see you back. 

Cultivation Warehouse logo

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