One of the great satisfactions of working with our client growers over the years has been helping them as they adjust to the evolving market moving from largely clandestine to publicly traded companies.  

Artizen ™, an OG grower from Washington State, is one such company.  On the back of years of experience in medical cannabis, the early founding members began growing some of the Northwest’s most well-known strains, adding new genetics they created a brand of flower products that would eventually  establish them as one of the premier consumer brands in the region.

Artizen Corp is now a publicly traded company (OTC:PVSP) and the 9th largest cannabis consumer brand in North America according to MJBiz Magazine, November 2022

As the group looks forward to entering recreational markets in other states, Artizen has been adding additional brands and product offerings, including New School (soon to be released craft cannabis brand), Dabs4Less, Vapes4Less, Dabco and Emerald City Cultivation.  Dabco and Emerald City Cultivation are renowned for high quality concentrates with a loyal fanbase of over 40,000 followers. 

Bryce Nichter, Chief Operating Officer at Artizen recently wrote:  “To the team at Cultivation Warehouse, thank you for all you do. As we begin marketing our brands in  other states, entertaining acquisitions of licenses and development of new facilities we look forward to continuing our longstanding partnership with Cultivation Warehouse. ”  

 The Artizen team manages several beautiful gardens in Washington, including 2 indoor gardens (75,000sf in Lacey, pictured below, and 28,000sf in Tumwater), as well as a gorgeous 38,000sf greenhouse in Port Townsend. 

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