At Cultivation Warehouse, we enjoy working with organizations that share our holistic approach to providing clients with the most appropriate solutions to all of their challenges. The group at Byers Scientific, designers/manufacturers of custom industrial odor control and air purification equipment, approach every project as a unique opportunity to build or enhance a partner’s relationship.

Byers Scientific’s comprehensive odor, dust and pathogen control systems empower commercial cannabis operators to achieve compliance, improve occupational and plant health, operate efficiently and scale smoothly. Relying on data and backed by years of research, Byers Scientific develops, engineers and manufactures cutting-edge equipment and designs odor mitigation strategies to address even the most complex odor and air purification challenges. 

Like us, the team at Byers Scientific believes that no two facilities are the same, so every project is approached as an opportunity to provide a tailor-made solution with a goal of mutual growth and success. Simply put, the whole team at Byers Scientific – from their field technicians, globally-recognized air chemists and scientists to their management team – becomes your partner every step of the way.

Odor management is among the biggest compliance challenges commercial cannabis cultivators face today. The globally-recognized Emissions Analysis team at Byers Scientific uses applied science and research to understand the molecular footprint of commercial cultivation operations. Informed by that research, their Mitigation Technologies provide safe, environmentally-friendly and proven solutions to combat odors associated with cultivation, manufacturing, and processing.

By partnering with Byers Scientific, operators can safeguard daily operations, avoid community backlash, and help prevent expensive and time-consuming regulatory/compliance challenges by proactively controlling commercial cannabis odors before they become a nuisance. 

In addition to addressing odor, Byers Scientific has incorporated patented Dutch air purification technology into many of its products (such as the MT-6™ Molecular Filtration System, its 6,000 CFM unit) to provide a comprehensive system designed to address not only odor, but indoor air quality (IAQ) and threats to plant health such as powdery mildew, total yeast and mold count, and Aspergillus. ASPRA® electrostatic precipitation and filtration (ESP&F) is a safe, effective and efficient air purification technology that makes for a perfect complement to Byers Scientific’s industry-best molecular filtration (aka “carbon scrubbing”) systems. By combining odor control and air purification into a single, energy-efficient system, Byers Scientific helps empower commercial cannabis operators to address two of their most pressing problems in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.  

Learn more about Byers Scientific and why they are considered the industrial odor control and air purification industry’s technology leader by contacting us at  [email protected].

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