With over a decade at the forefront of the cannabis industry, Twister Technology  has been producing and innovating high quality bucking, trimming, curing and extraction equipment while building a reputation for craftsmanship and customer support.  We’re excited about two of their newest products: Cure Puck and Marvel IA.

Drying can be one of the most challenging parts of the cannabis cultivation process. Proper curing is a vital stage in the post harvest process.

In order to optimize the harvest to sales ratio it’s imperative to choose the right drying and curing method and carefully monitor and control the temperature, humidity, and air flow.

Following best practices when it comes to drying and curing not only allows you to manage the THC, terpene and cannabinoid levels but provides you control over the smoothness, flavor, smell and overall quality of your product. Just as importantly, proper technique and careful monitoring reduces the risk of mold and unusable product.

Cure Puck was designed to monitor and measure the key curing indicators in the headspace above your flower. It can automatically burp your containers as the bad gasses build up to ensure a smooth and uniform result.  It also provides insights into your cure by displaying charts of real time data that can be viewable on your smartphone or computer from anywhere in the world. Get a notification if your flower is at risk of microbial growth from excess temperature or moisture or when your cure is complete.

We think Cure Puck has the potential to significantly reduce labor costs and avoid costly product degradation.  

The most recent innovation from Twister is Marvel AI,  the world’s first and only deep learning, artificial intelligence system for cannabis quality, sorting and grading.  

Marvel AI inspects both sides of every flower – then grades and sorts based on your criteria.. Knowing the grade of every flower in a 100lb batch and an overall score of the entire batch is now possible. 

Grading is becoming increasingly important when bulk flower purchases take place and Marvel has the potential to streamline and improve the custody transfer process.

Brands are built on consistency, and Marvel allows greater assurance of that consistency. Quality assurance teams at cannabis producers now have a new tool to look for mold and foreign material.

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