The nearly $369 billion in climate and clean energy provisions in the new Inflation Reduction Act include grants and tax credits that provide businesses with the certainty they need to make long-term investments in clean energy.

Utility companies, local governments, and state agencies also offer energy incentive programs that help make energy efficiency a more affordable option. Depending on your state or municipality, programs can take the form of rebates, tax incentives, or loans for qualified purchases.

Reducing your expenditures for energy is crucial to controlling the cost of production.  

Choosing the most efficient equipment, monitoring usage and maintaining strict controls are all critical elements in creating sustainable profitability.  

Cultivation Warehouse is always looking for ways to help our partners create and maintain the most energy efficient operations possible.  Our goal at CW is to help our partners produce high yield, high quality crops at the lowest possible cost.  Reducing and controlling energy costs is a key component in all of our projects

Beginning in January 2023 a combination of government and utility company incentives will become available to businesses to improve facilities and operations while reducing energy consumption.  From rate reducing incentives to financing and rebates for new equipment, there are a variety of opportunities that need to be considered by every grower concerned with controlling and reducing their cost of production.

Are you aware of the cash incentives and other energy saving programs available to you from your utility provider?  Are you exploring how your investments in upgrades and new equipment will affect your future energy consumption? Are you taking full advantage of the energy management opportunities available in your locale? 

Cultivation Warehouse has been able to successfully negotiate up to 100% of lighting, controls, and/or HVAC retrofit costs to be covered by the utilities.  Please inquire for more details.

Contact us now to see how we can help you ensure all of your facilities are operating at peak efficiency and that you are receiving all of the cost savings benefits being offered.

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