As each new state embraces legalized cannabis sales, Cultivation Warehouse has had the pleasure to work with a growing number of new businesses as they establish their cultivation facilities and brands.

Wise Guys Farms in Central Michigan is a case in point. On a 30 acre farm in Clare,  Cort Kwiecinski, Solomon Laman, and Joseph Nagle are leading a team that is producing a wide variety of strains to find those that perform best.

With a focus on providing a high quality product for Michigan consumers, Wise Guys Farms have been busy experimenting with methodologies to improve yield in indoor, greenhouse and outdoor settings.

“Our entire team is super passionate about the plant and are working towards a common goal of success and quality to help better the lives of consumers.  We are constantly educating the community and regularly invite them into our facility to see what we are up to and help squash the negative stigma around cannabis.” says purchasing  director Laura Fassett. 

“Working with Cultivation Warehouse is always a pleasure. The customer service is great and speedy. Whenever we need anything we know we can count on them to find it for us in a pinch and they take the time to find the best deals. As the purchaser, it has made my job extremely easier knowing that I can count on Bailey and Brent to help me out with all of our grow needs!”   


Wise Guys Farms offers their outdoor plants a living soil to thrive in while also remaining tied to our state of the art fertigation systems giving us the ability to supplement feed the plants a low EC that doesn’t affect the ideal soil environment. This natural biome of soil activity allows the rhizosphere (root zone) of the plant to thrive.

Meanwhile they continue to push the envelope on what is possible for agriculture year round in the Midwest with their environmentally controlled greenhouses and indoor facilities. 

Wise Guys Farms have faced and overcome the many challenges including construction delays, systems integrations, ever changing market landscape and the general growing pains.  The entire team comes together to meet each new challenge. 

“We are so excited to expand our branding, product offerings, and new flower strains into retail outlets across Michigan as well as open up our own retail facility in the coming year. We also have plans to expand our cultivation with the addition of more indoor rooms and greenhouse space.” according to Fassett. 

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