For over 50 years the Dramm Corporation has been a leader in horticulture technology.  The Wisconsin based company manufactures a complete line of professional greenhouse tools and equipment.  They have become one of the most respected names in the industry.

Dramm offers a full line of chemical application equipment. 

Each pest, greenhouse, and crop is unique, and each combination may require different treatment methods for optimal results. Various types of spray equipment in the nursery industry have individual strengths and weaknesses, which make them excel in certain tasks. By understanding these traits and applying them to specific issues, you can increase your effectiveness.

At Cultivation Warehouse, our team can assist you in comparing available options and selecting the best equipment for your needs at the most competitive prices.

When evaluating chemical application equipment, we recommend considering the Dramm FM Line of foamers. These foamers are specifically designed for compressed air propulsion, creating a rich, aerated foam suitable for disinfectant applications.

When connected to a compressor, the FM units can throw a foam up to 15 feet, providing excellent coverage and a persistent foam.

Unlike siphon-based foamers and hose-end equipment that create suds, a foam created with compressed air is much richer and will last on surfaces longer. Compressed air foams adhere to vertical surfaces well, allowing for better disinfection.

The FM20 and FM50 are available with a solid rubber wheel package or the BigFoot Upgrade. The SprayTrax FM Foamers are available on rugged, SprayTrax carts with 15″ pneumatic turf tires and articulating axles. Each comes standard with 25′ of EPDM Rubber hose. Longer hose lengths are available for use with higher volume compressors.

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