After nearly a decade of experience in indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation, with a wide variety operators from small scale to large multistate operators, Mathew Curran and Egan O’Keefe decided to take what they learned about fertility programs and nutrients and begin to formulate their own water soluble fertilizer product.  They experimented with chelates, emulsifiers, and solutionizing acids on a variety of cultivars in different environments and growing methods to come up with a simple and cost effective answer to provide the optimal micronutrient formulation that can work well with injectors or directly into a reservoir.

In 2016 they formed Front Row Ag and introduced their dry soluble nutrient line with the highest quantities of concentrated micro nutrients available.. These micro-nutrients, such as boron, zinc, molybdenum, and copper, are important for factors like aroma, density, yield, flower morphology, and appearance.

Front-Row Ag uses the highest purity and highest grade agricultural inputs ensuring the lowest trace levels of heavy metals.  They do not use pre-blended micros or solely repack other manufacturers raw ingredients. They individually blend each of the micronutrients, chelates, and other added technology with each custom blend. Front-Row technology includes proprietary complexing agents, mixing methodology, surfactant, and sterics.  

With a commitment to progress, innovation, and value, Front Row Ag has now become a global leader providing water-soluble fertility programs for commercial cannabis cultivators who focus on high performance, scalability, and repeatability. 

A great example of their innovation is in their latest offering, PhosZyme, a concentrated enzyme product with biostimulant effects targeted towards increasing yield and quality.  A soluble powder containing high concentrations of mannanase and phosphatase.

Mannanase works by breaking down starches around the root exudate. This process draws water and nutrients towards the plant roots and yields plant available sugars for absorption at the roots.These sugars are used later for metabolism, protein creation, tissue building, and generating terpenes.  Phosphatase enzyme catalyzes the conversion of phosphorus into forms that are readily available for absorption, without requiring additional microbial action in the root zone.

The activity of these enzymes have a number of positive effects on plants including:

  • Increased water and nutrients absorption
  • Greater fertilizer efficiency
  • Enhanced microbial activity in rootzone

These effects contribute to improved stress and drought tolerance that ultimately leads to greater rates of photosynthesis and increased production of flowers and secondary metabolic products including cannabinoids and terpenes.

PhosZyme should be used starting with mothers and clones up through week 7 of flower.

PhosZyme can be used direct to reservoir at 0.4 g/gal or with a dedicated injector at 0.25% with stock concentrate mixed at 160 g/gal or  it can be added to the Part B stock solution at 80 g/gal

(assuming B is injected at about 0.5%).

A big part of the success of Front Row Ag is their commitment to ensuring that every customer is treated like a partner.  Clients gain a dedicated team of nutrition consultants who provide custom onboarding services and continuous technical support to develop the appropriate feed mix and schedule depending upon your media, growing method, irrigation style and environment.

At Cultivation Warehouse we enjoy collaborating with the team at Solstice Agriculture, the exclusive distributor of all of Front Row Ag’s offerings.  Under Patrick Kanzler and Zack Vondrak, the entire Solstice team provides outstanding service to every grower from the first application throughout every grow cycle. 

Contact us to learn more about the special deals on PhosZyme and 3 part dry nutrient fertilizer line from Front Row Ag available only through Cultivation Warehouse.  

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