Exactly what happens in a plant’s root zone can be a mystery.  But it’s essential for a grower to know what’s going on in the substrate or soil. For optimum irrigation you really need to have detailed and reliable data about moisture content, EC and temperature makes it possible to optimize the irrigation and fertigation strategy to maximize the quality and yield of the crop. 

The wireless CARA MET sensor of SenseNL provides the level of insight a grower needs. It takes better, more accurate and more reliable measurements inside the substrate slab providing the information necessary to perfect water management and achieve much higher production and quality.

SenseNL is a technology company that produces smart wireless sensors specifically for the agriculture and horticulture sector. The CARA MET sensor, offering highly accurate insight into the plant’s root zone, is actively helping to speed up the process of digitisation within the sector. Solutions are available for use in stone wool slabs and cubes, as well as soil in containers and open fields. The sensor is based on the renowned technology of researcher Dr. Max Hilhorst, who still has close links with SenseNL.

The CARA MET sensor of SenseNL is suitable for all substrates and gives growers a better, more accurate and more reliable insight into the root zone. Because to measure is to know. But to measure accurately is to really know.

CARA MET Container
CARA MET Container in Use

Using the CARA MET sensor makes it possible to apply ‘precision irrigation’. Growers can use the data obtained with the sensor to optimize their company’s irrigation and fertigation strategy. By generating more information about moisture content, EC and temperature in the root zone and using this information for precise control, growers can ultimately achieve higher quality and greater yields. For example, having a large number of reliable measuring points allows a grower to decide with more certainty, in combination with the expected solar radiation, when the last irrigation dose of the day should take place.. All of this data is visualized in an intuitive interface on SenseNL’s own platform, MySenseNL. Additionally, SenseNL works closely with prominent market players so that it’s easy to link the collected data to all standard climate computers and leading data platforms.

CARA MET Cube in Use

The sensors are guaranteed to be reliable, thanks to cutting-edge, advanced technology and also the way they’re used in practice. SenseNL recommends using multiple wireless sensors to ensure accurate results. The CARA MET sensor is therefore sold in sets of ten, providing highly detailed data per zone. The CARA MET sensor also takes measurements in a larger part of the substrate. This information not only allows hightech growers more precise control over irrigating the crop, but also improves the reliability of algorithms, such as harvest forecasting, so that the data from the wireless CARA MET sensor can result in more accurate forecasts. The developments in the area of autonomous growing in international horticulture make this immensely valuable, as already demonstrated by Wageningen University’s latest Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge.

CARA MET Slab in Use

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