At Cultivation Warehouse we’re always seeking to help our clients increase efficiency and reduce costs whether in the design and build out of a facility, the grow operation or post harvest tasks.  

Among the partners we rely on to source automation equipment for manufacturing functions like vape cartridge filling , gummy production, pre-roll processing and packaging solutions is One Supply.

Their team of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals, partners with manufacturers to deliver a highly curated range of top-tier equipment. From custom-designed, to turn-key solutions, One Supply offers a comprehensive suite of products and services that empowers clients to accomplish their business objectives. 

Like CW, One Supply goes above and beyond sourcing tailored solutions to elevate your production efficiency. They’re dedicated to minimizing labor and capital costs to drive your business towards sustainable success. Their expertise lies in strategically integrating innovative automation technologies and optimized processes, allowing you to reallocate resources from labor-intensive tasks to high-value endeavors. This not only enhances productivity but also generates substantial long-term cost savings. Their curated solutions are meticulously designed to optimize capital expenditure, ensuring that your investments yield maximum returns. By aligning cutting-edge solutions with your unique needs, One Supply empowers your business to achieve streamlined excellence while safeguarding your financial bottom line.

Among the leading edge equipment solutions they offer are their high capacity gummy filling machines like the newly introduced. G80 Automatic Gummy Production System – a high-velocity setup with the capacity to achieve 30,000 gummies per hour.  Ideal for crafting CBD/THC/Vitamin gummies in one or two captivating colors.

Seamless control meets cutting-edge technology as the user-friendly PLC control system and LED touch panel combine to offer an effortless operating experience. The G80 redefines the art of gummy production, setting the stage for unmatched speed, variety, and ease.

The G80 will streamline your gummy-making process, ensuring that every piece produced is of the highest quality. In addition the G80 is designed to be energy efficient to reduce operating costs while maintaining ultimate productivity.   The G80 redefines the art of gummy production, setting the stage for unmatched speed, variety, and ease.

With Cultivation Warehouse and One Supply you can embrace innovation and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving competitive landscape.

You’ll also experience unmatched customer service with every interaction tailored to your unique needs. From the moment you engage, your needs are anticipated, your inquiries promptly addressed, and your goals seamlessly realized.

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