The new Terralink Soil Moisture Sensor by Growlink can transform the way you monitor and optimize soil conditions. Utilizing the latest capacitance technology, this cutting-edge device provides real-time measurements of soil moisture, electrical conductivity (EC), and temperature. Its exceptional precision in soilless mediums empowers you to make informed decisions, leading to maximized crop yield and resource utilization.

Accurate soil moisture measurement is important in commercial controlled environment agriculture because it allows farmers to optimize irrigation and fertilization practices, which can lead to increased crop yields and reduced costs.

Soil moisture sensors can be used to measure the amount of water in the soil, which can be used to determine how much water to irrigate crops with. This is important because over-irrigation can lead to waterlogging and nutrient leaching, while under-irrigation can lead to crop stress and yield loss.

Soil moisture sensors can also be used to measure the electrical conductivity (EC) of the soil, which can be used to determine the amount of nutrients available to plants. This is important because plants need a certain amount of nutrients to grow properly, and too much or too little of any nutrient can lead to problems.

By measuring soil moisture and EC,growers can make informed decisions about how much water and fertilizer to apply to their crops. This can lead to increased crop yields and reduced costs, as well as improved crop quality and sustainability.According to Growlink CEO Ted Tanner “At Growlink, we are committed to democratizing advanced technology for farmers of all sizes. Terralink embodies our dedication to providing high-quality solutions that are accessible to every farmer, By offering Terralink at an affordable price, we aim to support the widespread adoption of precision agriculture without compromising on quality.”

Seamless integration with the Growlink Smart Controls Platform ensures instant access to crucial data anytime, anywhere. The user-friendly interface allows you to effortlessly harness the power of precision agriculture.

Terralink empowers you to gain a deeper understanding of your plants’ needs, enabling proactive decision-making and promoting sustainable farming practices. With accurate measurements of soil moisture, EC, and temperature, Terralink optimizes your crop yield and resource utilization, offering a compelling value proposition.

With the introduction of Terralink, Growlink reaffirms its commitment to driving innovation and supporting farmers of all scales on their journey towards precision agriculture.

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