Are you interested in transforming the way you grow medicinal or gourmet mushrooms? If so, you need to check out SubstrateOne! They offer the highest quality fully sterilized substrates and spawn available, and they guarantee their service will be unmatched.

SubOne™ brand substrates and SpawnOne(™) varieties are the most contaminant free products on the market. Every batch is sterilized under high pressure in commercial autoclaves – never pasteurized. The SubstrateOne team have been manufacturing substrates and spawn and growing mushrooms on a commercial scale for over 35 years.Using the highest quality ingredients processed in automated state of the art production and packaging facilities SubOne substrates  are available in premium, vegan and custom blends for optimal results depending upon the specific variety of fungi to be produced. 

The SubOne brand also includes an all-in-one sterile substrate mix. A groundbreaking product that’s revolutionizing the way dung-loving mushrooms are cultivated.  Designed to simplify the cultivation process (and significantly reduce labor costs,) while minimizing potential points of failure due to contamination. The SubOne all-in-one blend is created to be a fully-contained environment within the bag, from inoculation to harvest. 

Keeping the bag sealed, ensures that the mycelium is shielded from the external environment throughout the critical colonization phase, reducing the chances  of contamination and ensuring a healthier growth cycle. 

At Cultivation Warehouse, we’re thrilled to introduce you to an exciting partnership that can take your mushroom cultivation to new heights. And right now, Cultivation Warehouse is offering special introductory pricing and aggressive discounts for quantity orders.

So what are you waiting for? Contact CW and we’ll help you start growing your own mushrooms today with SubOne.

Looking for Spawn? Their SpawnOne brand liquid cultures and spawn bags are among the most sought after in the industry.

Reach out to the team at Cultivation Warehouse for more information. [email protected].

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