We have been making substrates and growing specialty mushrooms in large-scale commercial operations for over 35 years.  Now available to the public, our “always sterilized, never pasteurized” line of products includes a variety of blends specially prepared for “dung and wood-loving” mushrooms.

Over the last 30 years, we have helped many mushroom growers, novice and professional, scale their production. Growing mushrooms in poly bags has become the predominant method of mushroom cultivation at scale. The ease of use, aseptic nature of the production process, cost savings, and increased yield have all been factors in the adoption of grow bags. 

However, the two common themes our clients kept coming up with were bag integrity and lack of air exchange. We have solved these issues with a SubOne custom-designed mushroom cultivation bag.

We are introducing the industry’s thickest bag and a double-sided filter patch. 

Lack of fresh air exchange (FAE) and build-up of CO2 in the bags can stifle mycelial growth, prohibit pinning, and lead to reduced yields. Downward positive air pressure and good air movement are two of the key contributors to successful mushroom growth. The double-sided filter patch solves this issue. Additional air is circulated through the bag without increased risk of contamination. In side-by-side tests, where the bag is not opened until harvest, there are significantly increased yields due to better air exchange. The new design makes it so there is no need to orient the bags on your racks in any specific order, and air will get to either side effectively and further reduce labor costs. 

About SubstrateOne:

The largest specialty mushroom farm in the Western US has partnered with one of the most innovative and experienced Ag distribution teams to form a new company to supply and service the rapidly expanding ranks of gourmet and functional mushroom growers.

Formed as a partnership among a second-generation commercial mushroom farmer and a 25-year-old agriculture equipment and supply distributor, SubstrateOne has been supplying commercial farmers across the country since early 2023 as they fine-tune and ramp up production.  They are now ready to supply their products to farmers, retailers, and home growers.  They are committed to empowering mushroom growers with cutting-edge products and sustainable practices. With a focus on quality, efficiency, and environmental responsibility, strives to be a trusted partner in the mushroom community. previewed their flagship SubOne brand mushroom substrate products at the Wonderland Conference in Miami and again at MJBIz 2023 in Las Vegas. The SubOne brand boasts a collection of advanced mushroom substrate products formulated from the highest quality organic ingredients and precisely packaged in multi-sized, convenient, and specialized bags and then pressure and heat-sterilized. 

The SubOne Vegan Mix, SubOne Wood Lovers Mix, and the groundbreaking SubOne All-in-One Mix are each produced from sustainably sourced, organically available ingredients and processed in a highly automated facility. Every batch is precision blended, packaged, heat and pressure sterilized in “roll in, roll out” autoclaves, cooled in ultra clean rooms, batch tested and date coded – making it one of the most contaminant free substrates available on the market, 

As the demand for gourmet and functional mushrooms skyrockets the difficulty in finding a consistent supply of quality substrate materials as well as the time and cost to produce in-house has made it hard for growers to to meet those demands. has created the facilities and operations to produce and deliver an endless supply of the highest quality, sterilized products at an affordable cost.

The mushroom substrate products boasts several key features designed to redefine mushroom cultivation, bringing efficiency, sustainability, and enhanced yields to commercial growers and hobbyists alike. 

These innovations include:

  • Enhanced Nutrient Formulation:‘s products are formulated with a blend of nutrients that provide an ideal environment for mushroom growth. This results in healthier, more robust crops with increased yields.
  • Sustainable Materials: is dedicated to environmentally friendly practices. The new substrate products are crafted from sustainable materials, contributing to a reduced ecological footprint for mushroom cultivation.
  • Improved Water Retention: The substrates have been engineered to enhance to ensure optimal moisture levels for mushroom growth. 
  • Easy Integration: understands the importance of seamless integration into existing farming systems. The new mushroom substrate products are designed for easy adoption, allowing farmers to incorporate these innovations into their cultivation processes with minimal adjustments.
  • Quality Assurance: places a strong emphasis on product quality and consistency. Rigorous testing and quality assurance measures have been implemented to guarantee that each batch of substrate meets the highest standards.

Cultivation Warehouse can facilitate your orders for substrate, spawn and a wide variety of mushroom growing equipment and supplies.  If you are growing mushrooms now or you have been considering entering this business give us a call and see how we can help you produce a high quality product at the lowest possible cost.

Reach out to the team at Cultivation Warehouse for more information. [email protected].

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