At Cultivation Warehouse we’re extremely grateful to our long standing clients who are not only pioneers but pace setters who continue to lead the industry into the future.  One of our earliest partners is a global trend setter, Bali Vaswani and the Kaya Group in Jamaica.

Kaya is one of the most prominent cultivators and dispensaries in Jamaica. It has established itself as a trusted brand, known for its high-quality cannabis products and commitment to the community.

They’re actively involved in the Caribbean cannabis community with a focus on eco-friendly practices, technology, and community collaboration.  They have long supported local farmers, educational initiatives and Rastafarian cultural preservation. 

According to Bali, “As proud Jamaicans, Kaya empowers local communities by respecting and supporting our Jamaican culture. Respect drives every decision we make – from our relationships with our employees to how we treat our community, herbs, brand, products, and nature”

Shed and the team at CW began working with Bali and his team in the years prior to the passage of the Cannabis Control Act in 2014   We learned together, along with the Cannabis Licensing Authority, (CLA), how best to position Kaya as a leading cultivator and processor of medical marijuana and how to create and operate efficient indoor, greenhouse and outdoor facilities along with state of the art processing and packaging operations. 

Today, Kaya operates across the entire supply chain from cultivation and processing to retail dispensaries.  The company has enjoyed double digit year over year sales growth and has recently announced plans for further expansion in anticipation of the continued growth of the domestic and tourism market in Jamaica as well as the wider Caribbean area.

Along with opportunities in hospitality and psychedelics, KAYA is well positioned to be a major player in the global cannabis market as a multifaceted cannabis lifestyle company deriving revenue streams from a portfolio of powerful brands and operations and delivering quality at scale. 

Kaya Herb House’s flagship retail store and farm operations are located in the tourism mecca of Ochi Rios.  Kaya Herb House Drax Hall is Jamaica’s first legal Medical Marijuana dispensary. It offers tours of Kaya Farm, which has a variety of over 45 different genetics being cultivated and processed. Their retail complex includes Kaya Herb House with Dab Bar Consumption Lounge, authentic Italian thin crust pizzeria and Square Grouper bar on-premise.

The company also operates a retail store in Kingston within the golden triangle and another in the historic town of Falmouth. Kaya recently opened its first phase of its Wellness Center at The Gap, located in the Blue Mountains’ pristine hills, in the Winter of 2022

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