There was a notable presence of companies targeting commercial mushroom cultivation at the reMind Psychedelics Business Forum at MJBIZ 2023 in Las Vegas.

The inclusion of the Forum and the presence of over a dozen companies promoting mushroom cultivation was an indicator of the increasing significance and potential of mushrooms among some in the cannabis industry for their potential as alternative or supplemental income streams.

The forum showcased growing interest in mushroom cultivation within the broader cannabis and wellness communities.

Many of the forum topics were familiar to cannabis entrepreneurs: the legal and regulatory framework (playing out similar to cannabis on a state by state basis); testing and quality control; cultivation techniques with a focus on efficient and scalable methods for both home and commercial production;  the therapeutic benefits and what that means for the potential size of the market.

The increased demand for in-home and commercial mushroom cultivation was reflected in the exhibit hall with over a dozen companies promoting high-quality commercial equipment and supplies including grow kits, substrates, spawn, and laboratory supplies.

Beyond dedicated booths, other companies involved in related fields like indoor farming technology, grow media suppliers,and automation solutions had offerings that were catered to mushroom growers both commercial and hobbyist.

A variety of substrate and spawn options were showcased including all-in-one grow bags, sterilized grains, straw, and wood and an assortment of spawn sources with liquid culture and agar for different mushroom varieties. 

Companies providing a variety of functional mushroom products including capsules, extracts, gummies and other edibles made from lion’s mane and similar species known for their therapeutic, nootropic and neuroprotective properties were reporting significant interest among attendees..

The significance of all this increased attention on mushrooms cannot be overstated and it seems many of those who led in the evolution of the cannabis industry from clandestine to legal have their eye on mushrooms as a rich potential market.

Much like in the cannabis industry, maintaining high-quality standards, ensuring product safety and producing at the lowest possible cost will be crucial for long-term success.

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