Cannabis is subject to contamination by the same mold, fungus and bacteria that attacks all organic products. Contamination can quickly destroy the value of quality flower, requiring destruction or remediation into low-value concentrate.

Prioritizing safety and quality is crucial and Implementing stringent quality control measures and adhering to testing regulations is essential for building trust and establishing a strong reputation.  

Cultivation Warehouse is proud to partner with Yofumo, a leader in organic, non-residual, post-process cannabis decontamination. Yofumo’s gentle, natural and effective gaseous ozone decontamination technology gently eliminates bacteria, fungus and mold from cannabis without the use of radiation, harsh chemicals or other substances that degrade the organic structure of the flower.

The company refines all aspects of the harvest-to-consumption model with innovative approaches to decontamination and remediation, curing, and terpene infusion allowing users to process the greatest amount of product in the shortest amount of time with the highest level of effectiveness.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor commercial operations the Yofumo Pro+ Cure provides decontamination along with industry-leading cure and terpene infusion capabilities.

Pro+ Cure is natural, safe and effective.

Pro+ units use naturally occurring gaseous ozone decontamination instead of chemicals or radiation. Actively motivated ozone ensures all substances are gently exposed to ozone, ensuring complete elimination of contaminants.

Pro+ uses gaseous ozone that does not destroy or alter organic material, preserving value and is safe for workers.

Pro+ kills 99.9% of pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, mold, fungus and more! Failures for yeast and mold, bacteria, aspergillus, BTGN, and any other tested microbial contaminants can be gently fixed without harming the flower and decreasing its value.

In addition to their patented decontamination capabilities, the cure can provide a more predictable and faster curation time. Spend less time and money on curing in buckets while being gentler on flower using Yofumo’s mechanical curing methodology, which prevents tricome breakage and allows flower to cure naturally and better than freeze-drying and faster than analog burp buckets. Yofumo delivers a more consistent and aromatic product every time and takes the effort and guesswork out of curing.

Yofumo’s Pro+ machine provides a proven effective, organic, affordable, and completely non-residual microbial solution. With EU-GMP validation of its patented process, the Pro+ is able to decontaminate and remediate flower to passing levels in any state or country. Yofumo’s machine is able to remediate all forms of microbial failures, from yeast and mold to aspergillus to E.coli, WITHOUT harming the terpene or cannabinoid profile of treated flower.

For a limited time, Yofumo and Cultivation Warehouse are offering a discount of $2,500 on installation and onboarding fees when a new system is shipped!

Contact Cultivation Warehouse today, to learn more and to secure your discount and make microbial test failures a thing of the past.

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